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Vision and Learning

Learning-Related Vision Problems

Vision Therapy for LearningLearning-related vision problems are very common and often overlooked, especially with children. For children, a visual problem may lead to frustration, poor attention span, difficulty keeping up in class and so much more. Vision therapy can help by providing visual skills that improve reading, writing, learning, and concentration. Therapy can also improve eye movement and tracking, focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand-body movement, visual memory skills and more.

Children know only what they see, not what they are supposed to see. Naturally, they think everyone perceives the world as they do. Learning-related vision problems in children can cause a significant learning impediment. School performance often suffers, despite the fact children seem to be physically and intellectually normal. Parents of these children are often frustrated in their search for an answer to why their child is not performing up to his/her potential. Typically, visual skill deficits do not naturally improve with maturation and usually require intervention. The sooner therapy can be initiated, the better the results for the child.

Here are some questions to ask regarding visual issues and learning:

  • Are you having difficulty focusing?
  • Do you have an eye that “turns”?
  • Are you experiencing double vision?
  • Do you reread words?
  • Do you omit words?
  • Do you insert words?
  • Do you confuse similar words – often?
  • Do you have trouble recognizing the same word on another page?
  • Do you reverse letters or numbers (at 9 years or older)?
  • Do you have difficulty keeping your place on a page while reading?
  • Do you have poor reading comprehension?
  • Do you get headaches?
  • Do you fatigue easily when reading?
  • Do you experience eyestrain while reading?
  • Do you hold your reading material too close?
  • Do you try to avoid doing close-up work?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating?
  • Do you have trouble with memory?
  • Do you confuse directions right/left or up/down?
  • Is your handwriting poor even when you try to be neat?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions you may have a vision issue, call to schedule a children’s eye examination with our pediatric optometrist. You can reach our office at 561-265-2020.