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Text Testimonials

Dr. Haines is very excellent and I would send friends and family for an eye exam.


I am delighted to see how Ella has become gradually more and more relaxed and less stressed in working on the computer. We have less bursts of frustrations and panic attacks. I am happy to see that she is getting better in reading and is now picking up books without prompting. As the very beginning of therapy it was a real struggle to get her to pick up a book, she struggled to read and now is fine!

Thanks again!

Ella’s mom

I think my vision has improved very well. When I read or write I feel much more relaxed. Last year when I started to do reading plus my wpm was 68 and my accuracy was very low. Now my speed is much higher and so is my accuracy. I also think that I don’t need to try as hard on my school work as I did last year. I feel that I don’t have headaches on any electronics and don’t need strain my eyes anymore. Overall I think that my vision has improved greatly, I don’t need to try as hard anymore, and my school work has become much easier for me.

Ella (8th grader)

I would recommend Ocean Optics to friends and family. I did not have to wait past my appointment time to see Dr. Haines. All of the staff greeted me and was very friendly.


Excellent visit. I did not have to wait past my appointment time to see the doctor and the team greeted me properly when I arrived. I would refer friends and family to Ocean Optics. I always feel welcome and thoroughly satisfied.



My son was a struggling reader. He disliked reading because it was putting a tremendous strain on his eyes. It was a constant struggle to get him to read. He got caught up on small words, he would lose his place while reading, re-read the same words, and wouldn’t be able to recognize the same words that he had previously read. He also had trouble with comprehending and remembering what he read.

An evaluation at Ocean Optics uncovered the problem. He had 20/20 vision, but he had other vision problems that were interfering with his ability to read and learn.

Watching his progress through his vision therapy program was amazing! All of his difficulties in reading are gone. Kai now LOVES to read and is the top reader in his class.

Thanks for all of your help!

Kai’s mom

Excellent visit. I would refer my friends and family to Dr. Haines. When my appointment was over, I had a good understanding of my situation and did not have to wait past my appointment time to be seated. Great place with great people and great doctor.



Before I began my Vision Therapy at Ocean Optics, a normal day for me was seeing double and having my sight blurry at certain distances. During an office visit the doctor spoke to me about Vision Therapy and the benefits that it would bring to my vision. Before I began my Vision therapy, I wrote down three goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of my therapy. I remember writing down: Not seeing double, being able to see in the distance without blur and being able to read for a longer period of time. I started Vision Therapy the following week.

During my first week I could hardly keep my eyes concentrated on following a pointer without my vision going double, the doctor sat down with me to explain that it I put the time in to doing my “vision” homework and come to my vision therapy sessions that I would see improvements. Within no time I started to see the improvements that she was talking about.

Over the course of my therapy, there were certain vision tasks that I got right away and were easy for me to accomplish while there were other tasks that I found difficult and frustrating at times. But I always had the doctor and her staff encouraging me and giving me advice on other ways to try tasks.

As my Vision Therapy came to an end, we sat down to review my goals that I had written down at the beginning of my journey. From the beginning, where I could barely follow the pointer and seeing double to the end where I could see through “Clear Fred” and follow the pointer without seeing double, my vision became better than I ever thought it could. All this was thanks to the doctor and her staff for being encouraging, patient, and kind. I am so thankful for my vision today because of them.

For anyone who is wondering if Vision Therapy is right for him or her, I would encourage you to do it. The Ocean Optics staff are wonderful and can have you feeling more confident with your vision than ever before.

Thank you for all that you have done for me!

Megan Croft

I have never written a letter like this before, but I wanted to take the time to tell you what a truly pleasant experience I had at Ocean Optics last week. I believe I had the most thorough eye exam I have ever had anywhere, and the general information you shared with me about eye care and eye disease was nice to hear. No other doctor has ever taken the time to share with me like you did.
Also, thank you for telling me more about glaucoma, and how critical it is to protect your eyes from the sun. I can see I will be getting plenty of use out of my new sunglasses. You have great people to help you find just what you want.
I look forward to my next visit.


I want to thank the wonderful Ocean Optics staff for eliminating glasses from my life. I mentioned to the doctor at her Grand Opening that I was due for an eye exam. I stated that I disliked wearing glasses. She asked a very important question “Why did I wear glasses?” since I could not answer I knew I needed to schedule my appointment on the spot. After a very thorough eye exam, the doctor explained that my eyes were not working together causing my poor vision. After 16 Vision Therapy sessions I am now free of glasses. Thank you Ocean Optics for getting me to see the light again.