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Tips for Selecting your Child’s Eyeglasses


I have personal friends and patients ask me what features to look for and if it matters where they purchase their son or daughter’s glasses. First, I’ll say that not all pairs of glasses are created equal. Second, I always recommend purchasing glasses directly from an experienced and skilled optician at an eye doctor’s office

Home Therapy


HOME THERAPY Being part of a vision therapy program is hard work! I will be the first to admit it. Our program consists of approximately 50 minutes of one-on-one in-office therapy, one to two times per week. We also recommend 12-15 minutes of home therapy 2-4 times per week.  Motivating my patients with their home therapy

Vision Therapy and Adults


I spent last weekend in Miami, and met a plethora of new people from all over the United States. Usually when I first meet people and describe my career as a vision therapist, they assume I work primarily with kids.  However, adults have as much of a need for optometric vision training as children. I find

Exciting news!


Exciting news! Earlier this year the Florida Optometric Association was successful in passing a bill to allow optometrists in this state to prescribe oral medications to their patients.  Florida was one of the few states in this country that was still restricting optometrists from prescribing oral medications to their patients, which made treating certain conditions

Great to be back!


It’s been such a welcome return to the office after being away from my maternity leave. Thanks you to all of our staff and patients for making this time so easy and exciting. Its wonderful to be back helping people and seeing the positive impact that great vision has on individuals! I’m excited to meet